Domestic Hot & Cold Water System Disinfection

Oasis Facilities Management have been providing clients with water disinfection services for many years. This includes routine cleaning and disinfecting of all hot and cold water systems, along with reactive issues that may arise following out of specification sample results or contamination issues following routine inspections.

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Keeping water systems clean is fundamental to the control of waterborne bacteria. Fouling within water systems can provide nutrients and protect bacteria colonies from chemical disinfects. It is therefore essential that where possible, systems are kept clean at all times.

This is essential for drinking water systems fed from storage tanks. Water quality can be compromised if the holding tank becomes contaminated and is not regularly inspected and kept in a clean condition at all times.

Oasis Facilities Management can provide full system disinfecting from the incoming cold water supply to all the water outlets within the property. This includes physical cleaning of cold water storage tanks and hot water storage vessels.

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Oasis Facilities Management can provide a full comprehensive Mechanical Service for all your needs. Our fully NVQ qualified Engineers have on site time served experience required to fulfil your needs.
Based on the combined experience, knowledge and expertise of our staff we understand the importance of good practice in accordance with current guidelines and legislation, we remove the uncertainty.